Happy 13 !


The Poznań International Fair has been for years a meeting place for representatives of the installation industry from Poland and abroad. It was in Poznań that we initiated the idea of industry meetings and the exchange of experience of both producers and practitioners. - The installation market is one of the most competitive sectors of the Polish economy. There are about 10,000 installation companies in Poland. The dynamic development of technologies and solutions requires constant activity.

The industry is constantly changing and growing. In order not to fall out of circulation, you need to keep up with new products, follow trends. The Installations fair is an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to present innovative solutions and market premieres to a wide range of professional recipients. And that's why we invite you from April 21-23, 2020 to the 13th edition of the Installations Fair! - says Matusz Szymczak - director of the Installations Fair.


Being aware of the changes that are taking place on the installation market, especially in the renewable energy area, this year we decided to further expand the offer of companies in this field. We also intend to create consultation points open during the event - so that both exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to seek knowledge from reliable sources. - argues Szymczak.


The development of smart home technology is of great importance to the industry. - Coupled with each other heating, lighting, closing or watering systems, this is not only a convenient gadget in modern construction but also a source of significant savings. Mateusz Szymczak convinces - the possibilities offered by modern automation open a wide field of development for the installation industry - despite the apparent ease of assembly, only a properly connected and configured system guarantees success and proper operation. And where else, if not at the Instal Fair, will there be a place both for presenting SMART solutions and obtaining reliable information in the area of ​​Smart Home issues ?! - sums up Mateusz Szymczak.


The Installations fair is an invaluable source of knowledge, they are so popular among visitors. - For years, we have been closely cooperating with industry organizations such as SPIUG - Association of Heating Equipment Manufacturers and Importers, ZHI - Polish Association of Employers in the Heating, Sanitary, Installation, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Industry, Polish Organization for the Development of PORT PC Heat Pump Technology and Photovoltaic Industry Association - Poland PV - we are well aware of what's going on in the industry, the challenges and opportunities it faces, ”emphasizes the Installation director.

The April Fair is not only an opportunity to meet the installation industry, exchange experiences during conferences, discussion panels or workshops accompanying the event. At the same time, the SECUREX International Security Fair, Poznań Drone Expo, the International Trade Fair for Work, Fire and Rescue SAWO, the International Renewable Energy Fair GreenPOWER, and the International Energy Fair EXPOPOWER will be held at the Poznań International Fair.